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Toby Bird

Dear Genners,
On the 1858 Revision List I found my gggrandfather Ovsey Frutko (38
years old) listed along with his wife Rache Brayna (37 years old) and
three children. They lived in Raguva, Kovno gubernia, Lithuania. The
three children listed and their dates of birth are:
Itsyk b.1842
Dushka b. 1854
Tsypa b. 1856

I have been puzzled by the great gap in age between Itsyk (my
ggrandfather) and his two sisters. I know there can be many reasons
like miscarriages and disease, but I'm wondering whether there might
be other explanations. Perhaps Ovsey was away in the military for a
number of years? Does anyone know how to trace that possibility? Or
maybe some boys were boarding at yeshivot not in town? Or it's always
possible that Itsyk was the child of a mother who died and that Dushka
and Tsypa are his half-sisters. Of the three listed. I'd be interested
in what theories seem likely to others.

The same pattern holds in the family of Itsyk. Through various lists
and documents I have the names of all of Itsyk's children. The first
Kalman, was born in 1866. The next, Simon, was born in 1872. There are
six more, all born within one two or three years of each other except
for the last who was born at least 4 years later. Again that gap:
there are six years between the oldest and the second child. Six years
is only half of the twelve years in his father's family, but it still
strikes me as worthy of note since the rest of the children were born
so close together. I guess one childgood death would account for it.

Two questions. What does anyone know about the name Ovsey? I've read
it's derived >from Yehoshua but I don't see (or hear) the connection.
In the 1897 Revision list Ovsey's daughter Dushka, now married, lists
her father's name as Ovsey. But, interestingly, on Durshka's (now
Dora) death certificate here in the U.S. her oldest daughter who was
born in Russia, was the informant and said her mother's father's name
was Sam. (He never came to the US) Several of Ovsey's grandchildren
we named Sam which leads me to believe they were named after Ovsey,
but I have no evidence. I need to get pictures of their gravestones
and compare Hebrew names. How do Yehoshua and Sam relate to Ovsey?

Thanks in advance,
Toby Bird
New York
Researching: FRUTKO, MARMOR, KAPLAN, FREEDMAN, Kovno gubernia, Lithuania

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