Samuel SELIGMAN from Stuttgart #germany

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I have ancestors >from Furth named STUTTGARTER and STETTEN. Thanks to the
help of various people, I have received /found a lot of information on those
two lines of ancestors.

On the STUTTGARTER side, my ancestor Isaac STUTTGARTER was born in
Stuttgart in 1800. His father was Samuel Seligman (STUTTGARTER) born
in Stuttgart in 1771. His father was named Isaac. They moved to
Furth where they were jewelers and as far as I understand Isaac
became the head of the community of Furth.

Mr Hoffman was someone to help me and believes that around 1795 Samuel
Seligmann was accepted as Court Jew in Stuttgart by the Duke of

I have ordered the document appointing him as a court Jew >from the
The 1804 directory shows him as "Hofjud (Court Jew) Seligmann.

If I am writing today it is because I cannot read the document which is
written in Old German and comprises various documents/letters.
If someone would have some time to read it and tell me if there is
anything of interest on my family I would be happy to forward the
document. I have learned that only a few jews were authorized to
live in Stuttgart in the 18 the century and there was a very prominent
family there : thecSELIGMANN and the KAULA.
I was wondering whether my ancestor Samuel Seligman would be
related to the SELIGMANN family
I can provide more information if anyone is interested.

Best regards, Joelle Meyer in France Joelle.meyer24@...

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