Riebnig and Tormersdorf camps #germany

Henry Graupner <graupner@...>

I am looking for assistance in my search for information on the
circumstances surrounding the death of my paternal grandmother Helene
GRAUPNER (a umlaut), a resident of Breslau. The German Government's
Gedenkbuch states she was deported but does not provide the destination of
the deportation. It gives the date of her death as 2 February 1942.

Since the International Tracing Service (ITS) provided input to the
Gedenkbuch, I wrote to ITS, essentially asking them how they can know the
date of death without also knowing where she died. They had no answer to my

I recently reviewed again the handouts provided by Fritz Neubauer in his
presentation to the IAJGS conference held some years ago in New York on the
subject "Genealogical Information in Memorial Books".

In the handouts, there is a list of deportation transports >from Breslau, the
first of which took place in July 1942, which is 5 months after the date of
Helene's death. But there is also a reference to the majority of Jewish
residents of Breslau having already been "konzentriert" in camps at Ribnig
(Riebnig) and Tormersdorf. Perhaps this is what happened to my grandmother.

I would be grateful to any Gersig member who can refer me to where I can
find out more about these two camps in either English or German, including
name lists, if possible. I am aware of the book by Alfred Konieczny on
these camps but I do not read or speak Polish.

Henry Graupner, Ottawa, Canada JGID 47249 graupner@...

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