INTRO - Beginning my Search for Persons named SELO, KORMAN, COHN, VERTUN, WITT or SALTZSTEIN #germany

Elaine Selo <eselo7284@...>

I have just reactivated my search for members of my family who lived in
Berlin, Germany, Koenigsberg, Germany, Gouda, Holland and Eastern
Europe. The information I am researching concerns persons my
grandparents, Gertrud COHN-SELO, Max SELO, Great grandparents Doris
VERTUN-COHN, Fritz COHN, Great Aunt Anna COHN-WITT, Grandparents Esther
SALTZSTEIN-KORMAN, Paul KORMAN. I would be most grateful for any
information about any of these relatives or persons they knew.

Elaine Selo, Oakland, California eselo7284@...

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