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Hello Fellow Members,

I have been doing German research for many years.
My aunt, Marga MANNHEIMER, was raped while in Treysa, Hessen, Germany. The
rape took place around Jan 1, 1938, when she was 16 years old.
She never told her family about the rape.
The rape resulted in Marga giving birth to a baby girl in Frankfurt. The
baby was born Sept 28, 1938. This baby would have been my first cousin.
Marga subsequently lived in Neu Isenberg by Frankfurt, in a Jewish Girls
I have a copy of the baby's birth certificate. The father is stated as
I have reason to believe that a formal report was filed, but I do not know
what type. A family friend of the suspected rapist was knowledgeable of the
rape. The family friend and possible rapist are now deceased.

Does anyone know, if a report was made, what type of report would this have
been, and where could I find it if it still exists today. The suspected
rapist was Jewish.

I have been to Frankfurt and the Girls Home in Neu Isenburg. I have been
unsuccessful in getting any further info.
Marga and the baby girl were shipped to Berlin in 1940. Marga performed
slave labor in Berlin, while the baby was sent to an orphanage in Berlin.
Both were sent to Riga in Oct 1942, where both were killed upon their

Best regards, Richard D. Oppenheimer r.d.oppenheimer@...

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