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Searching for my great aunt Bertha nee WOICHANSKY and her daughter
Marusia >from Montreal Canada
Can anyone help me with this?

I am trying to trace my grandfather's sister, Bertha nee WOICHANSKY, and her
daughter Marusia/Maria who emigrated >from Vitebsk to Montreal Canada.

About 4 siblings of my grandfather's (2 brothers and 2 sisters) immigrated
to Canada in 1905-1907 and 2 more siblings came later, possibly after the
October Russian Revolution. It seemed that they were Communist
Revolutionists and fled during that time >from Russia because of persecutions.

One brother was (Moshe) Morris Woichnaky (VOICHANSKY), who settled in
Waterloo - Berlin/Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in -1905. He settled there
with his wife, Rebecca Woichansky, nee HEFEZ, and they had 6 children who
were born there: Joseph, Evelyn, Vera, Edward, Willard and Leonard. Morris
died in 1934 in Waterloo and was buried there. The slogan of the Russian
Communist's Revolution was written on his tombstone. All of his children
moved later to the USA and changed their family name >from Woichansky to

One brother of my grandfather -Josef WOICHANSKY came to Canada around
1906-1907. First he lived with his brother Morris in Berlin-Waterloo,
Ontario and later moved to Detroit Michigan USA and worked there in the Ford
automobile industry. It seemed that he didn't have any children.

Another sister (Hanna/Anna?) lived in Toronto and another sister Sarah left
Canada and moved to Boston Massachusetts. Bertha came later to Canada and
lived with her daughter Marusia-Maria in Montreal.

My grandfather's name was Chaiim Ber Woichansky - he was a Rabbi in Gorodok
near Vitebsk, Russia and had about 16 children. He and his family moved
later to Vitebsk.

Any information about this family will be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Dror Voichansky
Mishmar Haemek, Israel

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