Re: online cemetery databases of burials in Karlsruhe? #germany

E Feinstein

About Karlsruhe.
The JOWBR has a huge database of German Jewish records online.
[ ]

This includes: [ ]

1280 Cemeteries in Germany with 240,929 burials. [
Among that are three cemeteries in Karlsruhe with 2853 burials.

Alternatively all the Jewish cemeteries of Baden Wuertemburg are online on
the website of the State Archives of Baden Wuertemburg. This was a
photographic project >from the 1980s to document all the Jewish cemeteries
in the State. We have more records online because our census includes
recent burials >from the present day Jewish community as well.

All the best, Eric Feinstein ericfeinstein@...

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