Are there online cemetery databases for searching...And a success story #germany

MARC FRIEDMAN <marc.friedman@...>

I want to thank everyone for the leads provided.

So far, in the JOWBR I have found citations for the grave of my 4G
grandmother Gutel WEIS PFEIFER LIEBMANN, and through that citation,
one for her first husband, my 4G grandfather Pfeifer "Feiber" (we are
back before surname = adoption at this point)- with his patronymic -
as well as his brother and sister-in-law.

There is one question in the citations - there is an abbreviation
"Sel. A." - Could anyone enlighten me on what that means?

I am now checking the Landesarchiv site for the graves of other ancestors
(I have previously used it to find births, marriages, and deaths).

Thanks for the great information!

Marc Friedman, Irvine, CA @MDFriedman Researching:

APFEL (Bretten & Sinsheim, Baden); PFEIFER (Eberbach, Baden/
Little Rock, AR); KAHN (Reinheim, Hesse-Darmstadt/Chicago, IL);
LAUMAN (Spachbruecken, Hesse-Darmstadt/Attica, IN); MAYER (Nierstein,
Rheinpfalz/Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI) [snip] [Families from
Hungary, Lithuania etc. on request off line]

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