Seek Richard CRAMER,New York son of Heinrich CRAMER, 13.1.1847-29.11.1897, Karlsruhe & Henriette LOEB, 4.7.1859 - 1940, Frankfurt/Main #germany

Hansmartin Unger <hansmartin.unger@...>

Good afgernoon

I'm searching for details of:

Richard CRAMER, Born 5.1.1883 and died in 1969 - exact date unknown, New
York city. He was a doctor, I suppose a skin doctor.

married to Ella WILLI, dates of birth and death unknown

the parents of Richard CRAMER were: Heinrich CRAMER, 13.1.1847 -
29.11.1897, Karlsruhe and his wife Henriette LOEB, 4.7.1859 - 1940
Frankfurt/Main, date of death missing.

thanks for your help, Kind regards

Hansmartin Unger ,St.Gallen, Switzerland <>

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