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Richard CRAMER (5 Jan 1883-Aug 1969) was a physician who arrived in
New York City on 1 April, 1940. He actually appears two weeks later in
the 1940 US Census, living a s a "lodger" in Sunnyside, Queens, New
York City.

The ship manifest of the MV Britannic shows the names of his wife
Angela in Germany and a cousin Setti LOE B in Manhattan, New York City.
It is interesting that he managed to arrive by ship >from Liverpool to
New York, seven months after Britain and Germany were at war but 20
months before the US formally entered World War II.

The boat had only 29 passengers, most of whom were Jewish (including
Richard), though the ship was built to hold over 1100 passengers.
Though the ship itself had both previously and later carried British
troops, this voyage took place during an interval in which it was
technically back in commercial service. It seems likely that the ship
primarily was used to carry supplies >from the US on its return trip,
since it obviously was not making money carrying passengers. It might
also have been a target of German submarines.

Richard CRAMER worked in the Farm Colony Hospital in Staten Island,
New York City.

A woman named Angela Antonia CRAMER, age 53, arrived in New York on 15
Feb 1950. Since she listed her address as Farm Colony, Staten Island,
New York, she certainly is the same person listed with Richard's
arrival ten years earlier. We know Dr. Richard CRAMER worked at the
Farm Colony Hospital >from his World War II draft registration.

They appear to be the same couple named Richard CRAMER and Angela
Cramer who had a marriage license issued in New York City on 1 Mar
1950. Assuming that these are the same people, it is possible that
Richard and Angela wanted a legal marriage in the USA, of which they
may or may not have had documents >from Germany. The marriage license
was dated exactly two weeks after her arrival.

A couple named Dr. Richard CRAMER and Angela Cramer are buried in the
same niche in historic Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York City.
She was buried 7 Sep 1983; he was buried on 7 Oct 1969.

The original records can be found on and on, including his US Social Security death record.

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Hansmartin Unger hansmartin.unger@... wrote:

I'm searching for details of:
Richard CRAMER, Born 5.1.1883 and died in 1969 - exact date unknown, New
York city. He was a doctor, I suppose a skin doctor.
married to Ella WILLI, dates of birth and death unknown
the parents of Richard CRAMER were: Heinrich CRAMER, 13.1.1847 -
29.11.1897, Karlsruhe and his wife Henriette LOEB, 4.7.1859 - 1940
Frankfurt/Main, date of death missing.

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