Re: Offering USHMM research help + lookups- Additional information #germany

Judith Berlowitz <jberlowitz331@...>

Adding further information and a request to my offer quoted below:

This is a digitized document (filmed): PAAA RZ214 099846, List No. 154.
It contains only (only!) 165 people, bringing the total by that date to
17,508 people. Dated 12 April 1940. =20

If you would like me to search for more than three names, please list
them in alphabetical order.

"List member Steven Frank generously volunteered to retrieve the Gestapo
Ausbuergerung files and send them to me. He is fortunately already a
volunteer at the museum.
I have the (quite extensive) files now and am offering to do lookups,
for those of you who think you have family members who were subject to
de-naturalization >from Germany. Please send your requests privately.
Judith Berlowitz, San Francisco <>

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