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I have been very lucky with very little information. Just today I found a website
about top Russians who changed the world. Pridefully I can say that many were Jews
who left Russia and came to the US. I spotted a name that was familiar. It was
Warner Brothers and.I can remember my mother and father telling me that my
grandmother Sarah GIBBERMAN Mogelever was a cousin to Jack Warner and when my
father would go to California he would visit with him. That is all that was said.
I seem to come >from a family of never telling the entire story;-). Well in this
website the Warner Brothers were given a name that they were known in Poland. It
was Wonsal with Voronov in parenthesis.

I am now on the hunt for any family members (distant) no doubt that would be
related to the Gibberman family of Warsaw Poland.

Wonsal - Voronov - Poland Mohilewer - David Gorodok
Pollack (Polacio -Polak- Policokov) Rega Latvia Gibberman - Warsaw Poland
Vainer - Minsk Russia Shepenvol - Russia/Poland

Bonnie Mogelever Pollack
Frederick, Maryland USA

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