Re: Leipzig address books [user guide] SITE CITE #germany

Irene Peters <iupfamilyresearch@...>

Hi Judith et al,

I just checked and saw that the English version of the website for the
Saxonian address books is not the same as the German version, sorry
about that. Try the German version instead:

from the dropdown menu on the top left, pick the town and year you are
interested in. Also enter the street or person's name you are looking
for in the field to the right of the year. The result will come up in
the format of "You have searched for <"">. This name could be on the
following page:" (Sie haben nach <""> gesucht. Dieser Name koennte auf
folgender Seite stehen:). Click on the underlined name which gets you
to the page of the address book where the name should be
alphabetically located.
Again sorry for missing that the English version is not identical ...

Best regards, Irene Peters, Berlin,

Judith Elam <> wrote:
Hi Irene
I cannot get the [Leipzig address books] site to work. There is no
place to click on to enter the search name of Leipzig. Please could
you try it for yourself and then give instructions how to perform
a search? Thank you.

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