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Michael Waas


I was wondering if anyone who is familiar with older style Sephardic
manuscripts could help me. There is a manuscript >from Yom Tov Mishan
detailing a dispute about the Chief Rabbinate of Larisa in 1853. It is
16 pages in length. I believe that this manuscript may hold some
information of significance to me as two of my ancestors were Chief
Rabbis of Larisa at that time. One of them, Rabbi Shem-Tov Amarillo,
may have passed away in 1853 leading to the dispute. The last mention
of him alive comes >from a missionary newspaper in fall of 1848 and the
next mention of him as having died comes >from 1865.

I can provide information on its whereabouts in the library.

Best Regards,

Michael Waas
Miami, FL

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