LAPIDAS, Berlin / Kelm #germany


Dear SIGers,
I am searching for Albert LAPIDAS, born about 1882 probably in Kelm,
today Lithuania. He was married to Fanny nee RISCHMANN. Since he was a
Rabbi or Cantor he moved to different towns in today Poland (for example
Schönlanke), Brandenburg and *** Berlin ***. He died 1927 in Florida/USA.

His five children were born at different places. Their dates are well known.
Now I am looking for information about his birthplace and his parents
(possibly his father was Isidor BENDER OR BINDER).
I am interested in every information about the family,
about his parents and how I can search in Kelm.
Thank you very much in advance.

Wolfgang Fritzsche, genealogist, Mainz/Wiesbaden JGID 23278

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