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Meron Lavie

A couple of ideas:

1) They could have all died. 1915 was before the days of antibiotics. I have seen a
small number of incidents in which an entire family died of illness in a relatively
short period of time (5 years would have been enough in this case - before the 1930

2) The family could have changed their name (possibly even because they were trying
to "pass"). I had a great-uncle named Lewis LESSEL with parents >from Prussia who
disappeared off the face of the earth in 1910 along with his family. One day, I ran
into a 1920 census for a Louis LA SALLE, with parents >from France (it reminds me of
the old Saturday Night Live "Coneheads" sketch - "tell them we're >from France.").
After comparing all names and birthdates, it was clear that this was the same
family. I have just recently made contact with his great-grandson.

3) Saying that the 1940 US Census index is sometimes off could easily rank as the
greatest understatement of the year. This could be a simple indexing error. I have
seen a lot of dreadful, inexcusable mistakes in the index.

4) They could have gone back. It was rare, but it happened. My 65 yr. old
ggg-grandparents came to the US around 1904 following their children. However after
a year or two in New York, they decided it wasn't Kosher enough for them and they
went back to Buczacz, Galicia, where they starved to death.

My money is on option 3.

Good luck!
Oranit, Israel

From: Aejordan@... [mailto:Aejordan@...]
I am stuck here .... maybe this family went "home"? In the 1915 NY State Census
there is clearly a family living at 168 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn where the father
is Harry NATHAN, wife Rose and two children Jacob age 4 born in the US and Harriet
age 3 born in the US...That's the only time I can find the family in the Census or
US records. Maybe possibly there is a Harry and Rose NATHAN in Philadelphia in
1940 but no Jacob or Harriet anywhere that I can see in the Census 1920, 1925,
1930 or 1940.

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