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Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners and Siggers,
Well,well,well;my relative continues to surprise me. Another Sigger >from NY spotted
a certain Majer KONIGSBUCK (KONIGSBUCK)on His parents are
(according to the transcription of his 1885 MC}: Samuel KONIGSBUCK and Anna KONIG
(I have not seen yet the original MC). I know who Samuel KOENIGSBUCH(the proper
spelling) is. His wife was Sara KOENIGSBUCH and they had at least 2 daughters:
Chana Rachel b.1862 and Gitel b. 1868. Chana Rachel KOENIGSBUCH married Naftali
KALB but one their children who moved to Berlin used the surname KOENIGSBUCH.I am
in contct with their grand and ggrandchildren in Israel( changed their names). I
suspect that Mayer/Majer/Max was born in Brzesko before 1862 thus I dont have him
on my DB.

In my previous posting I noted a 1890 naturalization request of Max KONING and
another one >from 1920 of Samuel Koning (b.1896). May be these are my folk. Now,
being aware of his cameleonic spellings and variants I believe that it might be
easier to locate Max/Majer/Mayer KONIGSBUCH/KONIGSBUCK/KONINGSBUCH/KONING and his
spouse Gittel FRIEDMAN on 23 Forsyth on one of the various censuses of NYC.

I'll try to get a copy of his MC asap to confirm his birth place.
Regards >from congested Jerusalem
Jacob Rosen

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