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Rachel S Goodman

Dear Friends,
I have seen the Revision List for 1904 for my family in Eisiskes,
Lithuania. My grandfather Dumblanski, his brother, and two sisters are
all listed. The sisters are in their 30's, but all the siblings are
listed as living with their father and their uncle's family. In
photos, it appears that one of the sisters, at least, was married by
that time or at least with a serious relationship as she is shown in
more than one photo posed with the same man. Why would they have been
listed by their maiden names and living with their father, if they
were married? No mention is made of a husband for each of these

A second related question: what was the norm on marriage at that time
in Lithuania: did most women marry by their mid-twenties? And finally,
it appears >from that list and others, that many family members were
living together in one household. How big were the houses in those
Shtetls or was there some political reason why they would appear to be
living together?

My grandfather married in 1904, and left for the U.S., so this list
was before he left..

Thank you!
Rachel S Goodman, Iowa, USA
researching: Dumblansky, Gershovsky, Klausner: Eisiskes and Troki,
Lithuania; Rosenberg, Meirovitz: Dvinsk, Latvia; Spiegel, Spigel,
Derezhinsky: Tuchin, Ukraine.

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