ViewMate Translation Request re: marriage certificate of the late Friedrich LICHTENSTEIN & Sussana RAUSCHER - German #germany

Dave Lichtenstein

Hello Everybody

I've posted a vital record in German for which I need a translation. It is
available on ViewMate at the following address...

This I believe is the original marriage record between my paternal
Grandfather Friedrich LICHTENSTEIN and my paternal Grandmother Sussana
RAUSCHER which occurred in the little Rhineland town of Voerde in Germany
about a century ago.

Prior to that all I had was a reconstituted Nazi-era marriage certificate in
which my Grandfather had to take on the middle name of Israel.

Any way I am interested in all the information which appears in this record,
including the marginal notes. Most importantly I would like to know
whereabouts in Voerde the marriage ceremony occurred. I suspect that
because the two of them were of mixed faiths at the time (my Grandmother
only converting to Judaism later on) that marriage ceremony may have
occurred in a civil registry office.

I will be travelling to Germany soon, including Voerde, and would like to
find the actual location in Voerder where that ceremony took place.

Thank you very much. Dave Lichtenstein, Located in Sydney, Australia

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