SITE CITE - SLUB on-line links to directories in select cities in Germany [and more] #germany

Teven Laxer

The Saxon State Library in Dresden (SLUB) has an on-line address book for
many cities in Germany. You can search by city, address, year, and surname.

There are links to many other resources as well that are city or region-

For example, the link below takes you to an historical index of places
in Saxony:

The first two links of the interactive map below only works when the German
(DE) language is selected. Once you select the region and time period, you
will get a list of surnames you can search for. The third page is in
English or German.

There are many other collections and databases stored on the SLUB website.
I just learned about this website today >from my wife's second cousin
in Leipzig.

Teven Laxer teven.laxer@...

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