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Using HeritageQuest [available through many public libraries for free] I
was able to look at several US Census records for the family in question.

In the 1900 US Census, Tennessee, Davidson County, the scan is quite clear
and well-written. It shows that Henrietta [wife of KLEIN, Emanuel (age 32
born Germany)] had born 3 children, 2 of whom were still living [columns 11
& 12]. Denne is what is written, although there is a 'dot' over the first
e, maybe >from a fountain pen drip?

On the second page of the US 1910 Census, Pennsylvania, Allegheny County
for KLIEN, Edward and family, it clearly is stated that Yetta had born 4
children, 3 of whom were still living [columns 10 & 11]. This question was
not asked again on future censi.

So, I would consider the two census responses as strong evidence that there
was another child born to Edward & Yetta in their first 7 years of marriage
who did not survive to the 1900 census. The challenge will be in trying to
find the birth and/or death certificates.

As to Denne/May - if I had a quarter for every person I have come across
who had either a doublet name or two names or a nick name who chose to use
the 'middle' name as an adult, I could underwrite all of JewishGen! My
f-i-l Morty [Solomon], my grandmother Beckie [Sarah], my dad's cousin
Sylvia [Anna], my great-grandfather Solomon [Yoel]... I am more intrigued
with whether Denne is Deena or Temma. Malka Temma or Miriam Deena sound
like very plausible Jewish names to me. Perhaps if/when you know all the
grandparents' names you will be able to know for whom she was named and
then deduce her names.

However, if her birth certificate and all census other than 1900 refer to
her as May, I think May was her legal [first] name and 'Denne' what the
family called her.

Good luck on your searches,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

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Stacy Harris wrote:
I would most appreciate any help in finding my great-aunt's missing sister-
if she indeed had three sisters instead of two....

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