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Trudy Barch wrote on 23 okt 2012 in soc.genealogy.jewish:

I would like to hear many opinions of what, if anything, is the
correct way to handle my current situation.

Yankel Leib had 3 wives and children with each one. Those childen
are half siblings because they share the same father.

I am related through the 3rd wife, Rachel Leah. Am I considered a
step-cousin or a half-cousin to wife 3 children? wife 1 and wife 2

Do I include them in my family tree program? or is that a personal
I also have another family that has step - half - and whole siblings.
Do they belong in the family tree?
The whole world belongs to your family tree.

If you include them is up to personal preferences,
keeping your tree lean could be yours.

For me, people having a story or image is an incentive to include them,
even if they surpass my personal boundary of "twice removed".

Over here, were Jewish ansestrial trees often collide by arythmetically
necessary cosanguinity, even expectance of such collision not yet proven,
could be my reason for inclusion.

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