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Meron Lavie

Hi Trudy,

For me, the general rule is to include all blood relatives, their
spouses/partners, and their legally adopted children.

You are a full relative to all of Yankel Leib and Rachel Leah's common
issue. You would also be a full relative to Rachel Leah's children >from any
other husband (should there have been any).

"Step" means there is no blood relationship. For example, Yankel Leib's
children >from the 2 previous marriages would be step relatives. This is most
common today when too divorced people with their own respective children get
married. Those children >from totally different parents are step-siblings.

"Half" means just that - half of the "expected" number of parents are in
common. So Yankel Leib's children >from wife 1 or 2 are step-siblings of his
children with Rachel Leah, because they only have one parent (and not two)
in common.


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I would like to hear many opinions of what, if anything, is the correct way
to handle my current situation.

Yankel Leib had 3 wives and children with each one. Those childen are half
siblings because they share the same father.

I am related through the 3rd wife, Rachel Leah. Am I considered a
step-cousin or a half-cousin to wife 3 children? wife 1 and wife 2

Do I include them in my family tree program? or is that a personal choice.


I also have another family that has step - half - and whole siblings. Do
they belong in the family tree?

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