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Connie Malone

Is Surname PFAU Same As Surname GRAU?

from the Yad Vashem site, I have found members of my family who perished in
the Holocaust in Pages of Testimony and in the Soviet Extraordinary
Commission Records List of Persecuted Persons.

The family surname is GRAU >from Kuty, Stanislawow, Poland; for first names
Volf and wife Khaya.

The alternate surname PFAU is listed, as well, on the List of Persecuted
Persons for both Volf GRAU and Khaya GRAU. Is the name PFAU indeed a
variation of the surname GRAU or could it be a "sounds like" version?

Thank you,
Connie Malone
La Mesa, San Diego, CA

ZWIEBACK (Vienna, Austria; Kuty , Stanislawow, Poland/Ukraine);
GRAU (Kuty, Poland/Ukraine);
SENDER (Kuty, Stanislawow, Poland /Ukraine;
OREN/GRAU (Israel); MINSTER (Kuty, Poland /Ukraine);
VERNEY (London, UK); SULLIVAN (Cork, Ireland/London, UK).
And all variant spellings.

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