Help with Naming Conventions? #germany

Amy Schiwitz <amyschiwitz@...>


My ancestor Raphael Hess appears as "Raphael HESS II" on his son's
Civil Registration 1844 birth record in Bergen (now Bergen-Enkheim 6
miles outside of Frankfurt). In the same record book you can also find
a "Raphael HESS I" and a "Raphael HESS III." They all appear in the
Jewish section of the birth records for this town.

Since these men were all having children around the same time, they
don't appear to be using the "I, II, III" naming convention the way
Americans now use "Sr., Jr., III" for successive generations of men.
Does anyone know about German-Jewish naming conventions using these
suffixes? Was it simply a way to distinguish between three men with
the same name in a small community?

Many thanks, Amy Schiwitz

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