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Paul Silverstone

For those of you who helped with this mystery, thank you! I have now found him,
with the help of some online databases.

The only Calvin Finkelstein mentioned in this source was living in Milwaukee, Wis.
in 1893 according to the City Directory. Knowing he was married to one Belle
Atlas, I tried her name and found a widowed Belle Stein living with her father
Moses Atlass in Lafayette, Ind. in 1910. Stein is often taken as a name by
Finkelstein, and her daughter's entry said her father was born in Canada.

In 1900 I found Calvin Stein with his wife Belle and son Earl living in Peoria,
Ill. To me this made it quite certain that I had found the missing Colman
Finkelstein. As Belle was a widow in 1910, he apparently died between 1900 and
1910. Also a marriage record of Calvin F. Stein to Belle Atlass in Jun 1898 in

A new mystery is that in 1900 their 8-month-old child was a boy named Earl, which I
knew to be correct. In 1910 her child is a daughter named Eva, age 10. Is this
merely an error? I know that Earl was still living in 1924.

Paul Silverstone
New York
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