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Philip Trauring

This is an update on research into Kanczuga (a town in the former
Austrian province of Galicia) and the surrounding towns and villages.
Besides those who have family >from this town and those nearby, others
looking for new ways to discover information on your towns may find what
we're doing interesting.

I am the Kanczuga town historian for Gesher Galicia, and run the
Kanczuga Yahoo group ( which is
the best place to stay informed on these projects.

We are looking for volunteers to help coordinate different projects, so
if you have connections to Kanczuga or surrounding towns (see list
below) please join the Yahoo group and get involved.

1) Landsmanshaftn Cemetery Section Photo and Transcription Project

We've recently photographed two cemetery sections in the NY area that
were purchased by Kanczuga landsmanshaftn, one in Mt. Zion Cemetery in
Maspeth, NY and one in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in Iselin, NJ. These photos
cover hundreds of graves. The photographs are online and can be viewed,
and we're looking for a volunteer coordinator to take on the transcription of
these graves so they can be submitted to JOWBR.

2) Kanczuga Archival Record Inventory and Indexing Project

Through Gesher Galicia we have started a project to inventory, copy and
index all Kanczuga records that can be found in L'viv and Przemysl
archives. This includes at a minimum property owner records that are
known to exist for 1786-1788 and 1819-1820. The inventory process has
already started in L'viv and will start soon in Przemysl. Recently a
Cadastral Map for Kanczuga was identified, and we hope to find
additional documents as well. The first stage of this project has been
funded with help >from Gesher Galicia's matching funds program.

3) Kanczuga Nearby Villages Inventory Project

This is a follow-on project to the previous one where we will be
searching for records >from the small towns and villages which surrounded
Kanczuga. Kanczuga, although not a large city, still acted as a central
community for its neighboring smaller towns and villages and there was a
lot of overlap in families that lived in Kanczuga and the surrounding

This project, unlike the previous one, is intended just to create an
inventory of what records are available. Once we have determined which
records exist for which towns, we will start a seocnd project, or
multiple town-specific projects, to copy and index records.

We've identified towns to research based on proximity to Kanczuga and
seeing if they're mentioned in other known Kanczuga records. The list of
towns we will be researching (in order of proximity to Kanczuga) is:

Nizatyce,Lopuszka Mala, Zuklin, Krzeczowice, Sietesz, Ostrow
Mikulice, Siedleczka, Pantalowice, Chodakowka, Manasterz
Zagorze, Lopuszka Wielka, Bialoboki, Siennow, Gac, Markowa
Nowosielce, Tarnawka, Hadle Szklarskie, Jawornik Polski

Some of the surnames of families we already know lived in these towns

Adler, Birnbach, Braten, Cellerkraut, Engelberg, Kasstecher
Knispel, Langsam, Morsel, Ringelheim, Sauerhaft, Scherz
Schiffman, Silberman, Stelzer, Susskind, Waldmann, Weintraub

Many more surnames are shown on the project page

4) Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) Project

There are several documents connected to Kanczuga in the CAHJP archives
which we want to get copied and indexed/translated. The documents deal
with religious elections (which list people involved), teacher lists
(which cover other towns in Galicia as well), the formation of a
Mizrachi group in Kanczuga, and more. We're looking for someone in
Israel to volunteer to coordinate this project.

For more details on all of the above projects, visit the Kanczuga
Research Projects coordination page at:

This page has the links to the photos of the cemetery sections mentioned
above, and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

To get the most information on these projects, and to get involved,
please join the Kanczuga Yahoo group

If anyone has any questions about any of these projects, feel free to
get in touch with me directly via e-mail, or via the Yahoo group.

Philip Trauring

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