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Arnon Hershkovitz

Hello, Dear Colleague Genners.

I'd like to share with you a fascinating story of one of our Israeli
colleague who a few years ago took upon herself the perpetuation of
her father's Shtetl, Lunna (Belarus), and has been passionately
exploring new ways of doing so ever since. The ShtetLinks website for
Lunna was only the first station in that journey,

About four years ago, Ruth Marcus was looking at her father's
photographs and found a group-photo of students who had graduated in
1930 >from the "Tarbut" Gymnasium in Grodno. She immediately recognized
her father, Yitzchak ELIASHBERG, in that photo and was curious to know
who were his classmates and teachers and what happened to them

She posted that photograph on several Internet websites and asked
people to get in contact with her if they also recognized one of their
parents. As a result, she received exciting responses >from people from
all over the world. They sent her interesting materials related to the
"Tarbut" Gymnasium in Grodno.

Determined to present the history of this important Jewish institute,
Ruth made it to have an exhibition about the "Tarbut" Gymnasium
presented at the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Faculty of
History and Sociology (exhibition opened 10/10/2012). During the
opening ceremony, there were talks by Edmund Yarmusik, Dean of the
Department of History and Sociology; by Sergei Pivovarchik, Head of
the Department of Archaeology and Ethnology; and by Ruth. Three
musicians played Jewish music and "Hatikvah".

Ruth says that it was a very exciting moment to sing "Hatikvah" at the
University of Grodno when in front of her eyes she saw the pictures of
her father, his classmates and teachers of the "Tarbut" Gymnasium.

The exhibition opening was reported on the university wepage,
including some photos, (in Russian). Ruth can be
contacted directly by email, ....

Arnon Hershkovitz
Israeli Family Roots Forum Leader

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