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Joan Engel

Viewmate ID: 24875 (circa 1910 photo) and 24876 (circa 1939 photo)
and 24877 (back of postcard)

I have posted photos of two families taken in Zelva, Pazelva or
Podzelva, Lithuania. I believe the first one was taken circa 1910 and
the second (a postcard photo) was taken in 1939. I also included the
back of the postcard although please note the message was written

The photos were given to me by my cousin (now deceased) who told me
the newer photo was of our WELLER cousins who have not been heard from
since 1939.

--- The elder woman in the center of the 1910 photo was my ggm, Neche
ENGELSON-WELLER, widow of Shimon WELLER. Shimon died about 1904 in a
grain mill accident in Lithuania.

--- The woman in the center of the 1939 photo seems to be the women in
the earlier photo holding the baby and is most likely Neche's

Other than my ggm, I am unable to put names to anyone else in these
photos. I find it very disturbing to not be able to identify an
entire branch of my family wiped out in the Holocaust. I am hoping
someone might recognize these people or at least be able to provide
some clues about the photos.

Viewmate ID: 24878 and 24879

Sometime ago, I came across other photos posted on the internet of
groups of young people on a hillside (ages 15-25) that may have been
taken the same day as my 1939 photo and in the same place (in Zelva or
Podzelva) as my 1939 photo. I have posted these also as I think some
of them may be the same people in my 1939 photo and I'm hoping someone
may have some additional information about them.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Joan Engel
New York

from Vilna, Kovno, Kupiskis, Podzelva & Zelva
Kamenets-Litovsk, Kobryn, Malch, Pruzhany & Wysoki-Litovsk

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