Aline(de) Wolfsthal - BMD Information Help #germany

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
In researching the direct relatives of musician Prof. Joseph WOLFSTHAL
the name Aline (Alind) WOLFSTHAL came up few times.

In Joseph Wolfsthal's Berlin/Vienna Obituary (Neue Freie Press Feb 8
1931), Aline appears as his sister.

Alinde is also listed in some of Berlin's address books (e.g., 1929,
She is listed as a pianist, much in line with the family's traditional

However, I was unable to find any additional information about
Aline/Alinde - birth, death, burial. Nothing.

Can you recommend, where should I look for this information about
Aline/Alinde (BMD or any other relevant info?)

Additional information that might be relevant:
The parents (Lazar/Laser Wolf(s)thal and Fanny Horowitz had a daughter
called Helena, listed in JRI - but she died in 1885
, line 242)

Thank you - Yaron Wolfsthal, Israel (Yaron.Wolfsthal@...)

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