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Stephen Katz

I am researching Etta (or Yetta) ANOLECK (with spelling variants as above).
I believe that her maiden name was KAPLAN, and that she was originally >from

She was born sometime between 1865-1870. She immigrated to the US around
1886, and was married to David (or Davis) ANOLECK, around 1886 or 1887. I
am unsure whether they were married before or after they immigrated.

In any case, they settled in Springfield, Massachusetts. David died in 1904,
and Etta in 1917, both in Springfield, Mass.

I believe that she was related to a SUHER family, also >from Springfield,
but I know no details.

I would greatly appreciate hearing >from anyone who might know anything about
these ANOLECKs, or perhaps the SUHERs of Springfield, Mass.

Stephen KATZ
New York City
katzsr "at" verizon "dot" net

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