JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: the given name SCHMIKA #general

Sarah L Meyer

Hi Michael,
On the basis that Schmika could be also be spelled Shmika, I looked this
up in Beider's book of Ashkenazic Given Names, he suggests Sime which is
derived >from Simcha joy. I expect the most common US form would be Simma.
Beider distinguishes Sime >from Shimone.

Sarah L M Christiansen
Georgetown TX

Michael Herzlich wrote:
We have a photo (female) with the name SCHMIKA (in caps) below it. I
would expect this to be a given name. I can't find any reference to
this name on the Jewishgen website with that spelling. The person
would have lived in Belarus near Minsk. Can anybody provide
information on this name . Also, if so, what might expected
Americanized names be adopted (I would expect pretty much anything
with an S).

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