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Hello Genners,
I've posted a request on Viewmate for a word for word Yiddish translation of
a salutation on the back of a photo I found in my grandmother's album. The
photo was taken in a studio in Munich, Germany.

I believe it's >from Boruch KELMAN, but not sure if it's signed as "your
brother" or "son of your brother"-- obviously a critical difference for
genealogical follow-up!

Also, was a second given name inscribed?

I have found on a Dachau survivor list a Boruch KELMAN born in 1908, from
Neustadt. Since my grandmother was born in the town of Nowe Miasto nad
Pilica (listed as Neustadt on her ship manifest to New York), I'm hoping
that it's the same town (there are several in Poland and in Germany) and
therefore her relative.
I haven't yet found records >from after 1901 for Nowe Miasto or for Kelman,
so any details would be helpful.

The item posted on Viewmate at:

Thank you in advance for your help.
Mady Land
New York, NY

KLAMRA/ZAROSLA/Plock, Bodzanow, Gabin, Zychlin,New York; ZYLBER/KARAS/DOBRZYNSKA/
Dobrzyn nad Wisla; GEDEGER/EIIDEGER/Nowe Miasto nad Pilica, Lodz, Aleksandrow
Lodski, New York, Winnipeg, Calgary; BOROWSKI/KIELER/Aleksandrow Lodzki
FOGEL/FOGIEL/FOJGEL/HERYING/Hrubieszow, Ratno, Lublin, Poland; New York;
LADZINSKI/LADYSINSKA/LADIZINSKY/Myastowka/Gorodkivka Ukraine, New York

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