A GerSIG success story and many thanks! #germany

Lin Herz

Dear GerSIG Friends,

This story is a GerSIG success story. In May of 2013 I wrote to GerSIG
asking for help in finding more information about my HERZ, SCHOENWALTER,
and AFFHAUSER families >from Markt Berolzheim. I had written the the
town numerous times and got no response. Little did I dream that I
would get a letter >from a GerSIG member, Beverly Blum, about a month
later, telling me that she also had HERZ family members >from Markt
Berolzheim. Bev thought we must be related but did not know how. She
did not have a family tree.

A few months later Bev visited Orlando and I met her. She asked me to
bring photos of some of the male members of my family on the HERZ side
as she had seen some of my male relatives on my Ancestry.com tree, and
though they resembled hers. We still did not know how we were related. A
few months later someone wrote GerSIG (sorry I was not able to find the
letter in the archives) specifically to contact me, telling me that on
Alemannia Judaica they had seen some documents having to do with HERZ
family >from Markt Berolzheim. I thought I had seen all the documents
having to do with my family on Alemannia Judaica but I looked again.

There was a document I had not seen before, >from Der Israelit newspaper,
written by my great grandmother's brother Lazarus HERZ. It was a
card of thanks specific people and to a Jewish burial society in Berlin
for helping after his brother Emanuel HERZ died in the hospital while
traveling through Berlin. I sent this article and the translation done
for me by GerSIG members to all my HERZ cousins including Bev. She
mailed it to her cousin Herbert HERZ who lived in France. Herbert told
her this Emanuel HERZ was her great grandfather. So Bev and I found out
we are third cousins!

Bev and I stayed in close touch and became close. She introduced me to
several of her HERZ cousins via email, and I introduced her to mine. One
of her cousins, Muriel HERZ SPIERER in Switzerland and I have become
close as well.

Sadly Bev died last week. I'm of course very sad about that, but
so grateful for GerSIG for bring us together.

Sincerely, Lin Herz, Palm Bay, Florida

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