Seeking Klaus STRIMPEL, d. 1 Sept., 1939 in Ostreszow (Poland) (Son of Max STRIMPEL) #germany

Juergen Niesche <junitsche58@...>

Intro: Max STRIMPEL (1885-1944)

As part of a publication about the beginning of the World War II in 1939 I
am writing about the death of Klaus STIMPEL on the 1'st of September
1939 in Ostreszow (Poland).

He was the son of the commercial agent Max STRIMPEL in Chemnitz. His
mother was Lina Frieda Bertha ROEPER >from Hirschfeld near Nossen
(Saxony). Klaus Strimpel was born on on January 26, 1920 in Chemnitz.

Max STRIMPEL was born on October, 17, 1885 in Nuremberg. Before the
World War I he moved to Chemnitz. On April, 30, 1919 he married Lina
Roeper, a non-Jewish woman. Maybe, she converted to Judaism. The family
lived till 1940 in Chemnitz (Dresdner Str. 88). Max STRIMPEL was the
owner of the Polsterwolle- und Wattefabrik Saxonia GmbH, i. e. he traded
with cotton waste. Klaus STRIMPEL belonged to the German soldiers, which
died on the 1^st day of war. His family moved later to Berlin-Spandau.
Max STRIMPEL died on January, 2, 1944 in Spandau. I am trying to
reconstruct the life of this family.

That`s why I am looking for biographic data about Max STRIMPEL and his
family. I am looking for more details about the short life of KLAUS. I
figured out, where he was buried. What happened with his mother?

All advice and information are very welcome.
Thank you very much in advance!

Juergen Nitsche, Mittweida, Germany -

Researching: STRIMPEL - Nuremberg - Chemnitz - Berlin
ROEPER - Nossen

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