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Linda Shefler

Dear Wise Ones! I come to you with a problem that really shouldn't be a
problem at all, but should be pretty straightforward!!

A little background; I've been researching my NULMAN family for close to
30 years. They immigrated around the turn of the century and settled
mainly in Fall River, MA and Providence, RI. While I do occasionally find
some new documents, for the most part, the family is quite complete. A
couple of days ago I checked the FHL site to see if there were any newly
uploaded documents pertaining to my family and I was surprised to find
both birth and death records for an unnamed male NULMAN and for Schmoel
NULMAN. It appears they were twins, born 26 Jun 1912. The unnamed twin
died the same day. These twins were the babies of John and Rose (nee

I was rather floored as I'd never heard of either John or Rose before. I
have so much documentation for the NULMAN family, how could I not have
anything for them? I went looking for additional records for them on
Ancestry and only found the 1940 census. Rose (1885) was a widow living
with three sons: William (1913), Benjamin (1915) and Morris (1917). They
were still living in Fall River in 1940.

For the life of me I cannot find any additional records for any of them!
There are no birth records for the three additional sons, no WWI
registration for John, no census records prior to 1940, no city directory
records, no death records for John, Rose or any of the sons, no records in
the Fish Road Cemetery where most of the NULMANs were buried, no WWII
registrations for the sons. Nothing at all that I can find! I've found
records for the family under NULMAN, NEWLMAN, NOLLMAN, NULMANN.

It might be that something is staring me right in the face and Išm missing
it, so if anyone has any suggestions as to where else to look for this
elusive family, please let me know. I would really appreciate some help

Many thanks and a great week to everyone.
Linda Silverman Shefler
San Francisco Bay Area

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