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Ann Rabinowitz

One of the things which researchers may neglect to look at when expanding their
family tree is how and where their families lived and where they moved to. I
have mentioned the moves of the Feldser family >from the tiny Vienna, Georgia, to
the larger Atlanta, Georgia, and Birmingham, Alabama. However, the families
they married into also did the same types of moves >from the smaller towns to the
larger to enable their children a better education and social amenities.

In one of the references to Max Feldser's granddaughter Jill which appeared in
the "Southern Israelite", it mentioned she married Sam Filler, who was >from
South Dakota. Intrigued by this mention of a South Dakota Jew, I found that
his parents, Jossel Filler and his pregnant wife Riwke arrived in New York on
the Moskova, on May 31, 1907, >from Bendery, Russia (now Tighina, Moldova).
Knowing that many Jews were sent away >from the crowded large cities on the east
coast of America to outlying small towns across the country by the organization
known as the Industrial Removal Office, I decided to find out if Joe Filler was
one of these.

I looked at their online database,, and, sure enough, on
August 13, 1907, the Industrial Removal Office sent Joe (formerly Jossel),
his wife Rifka (Rebecca) and their month old son Isidor, who was born in New
York on July 17, 1907, to Ashley, North Dakota. Whereupon, they then moved to
Rosenthal, North Dakota. Whilst there, they had two more children, Harry and
Fanny, and then moved yet again to Hosmer, South Dakota, where their youngest
child Sam was born in 1921.

In 1923, Joe's wife Rebecca passed away and by 1928, the family was living in
San Antonio, TX, where Joe took a second wife, Mrs. Mary Z. Cohen. The
announcement of their marriage was found in the Houston Jewish Herald-Voice
newspaper. Checking out the plethora of local and Jewish newspapers and also
the City Directories which are now available online is another strategic means
of learning more about your family history.

Eventually, Joe passed away and Mary lived with step-son Sam until she passed
away in 1958 in San Antonio. Apparently, Sam then went to Atlanta, Georgia,
where several of his brothers were now living and it was there that he married
into the Feldser family.

Quite a saga for the Filler family as they moved >from New York City to North and
South Dakota then Texas then Georgia, but emblematic of the travels of many
Jewish families as they sought to set down roots first in small town America and
give their children a better life than that which they had experienced in

Ann Rabinowitz

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