Need Three Headstone Photos Associated with the MAGNER Family from the Maimonides Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York #germany

Tony Chakurian

Dear Genners,

I have been researching my MAGNER family, which is likely >from the Province
of Posen, and have found through JOWBR that three members of this family are
buried in Maimonides Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. As I live in Roseville,
California I was looking to see if someone who lived in the Brooklyn area
would be willing to take photos of these three headstones for me.

The names of the people are Sophia MAGNER, Hannah GREENTHAL (nee MAGNER),
and Rachel Schwartz (nee MAGNER). If you are interested please contact me
off-list. Thanks,

Tony Chakurian Roseville, California

Searching for:
DURNHEIMER/DURENHEIMER: Neidenstein, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany
MAGNER: Posen, Prussia; San Francisco, Calif; Stockton, CA, USA; New York;
SIMON: Siegelsbach, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany
WESTHEIMER: Neidenstein, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany
WOLFSBRUCK: Baietal, Baden-Wurttemburg; San Francisco, & Stockton, CA.

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