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loren greenberg

Hello All,

I have two separate entries for two arrival dates for different members of
the MILNER family.

I would appreciate your assistance with reading the name and address for
the US relative written in both passenger manifests. Both entries probably
refer to the same individual and same address.

1) Feige Fiunne Milner 1907- Line 1, Column 18

2) Israel Milner 1908 - Line 24, Column 18\\\\\\IMAGES\\T715-1078\\T715-10780632.TIF%26S%3D.5&;pID=101756080396&name=Israel%26nbsp%3BMilner&doa=Feb+23%2C+1908&port=Liverpool&line=0024
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Please kindly respond directly to me.

Thank you,
Loren Greenberg

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