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Fritz Neubauer

Am 22.12.2012 08:09, schrieb JewishGen Discussion Group digest: Mary wrote:
Dear Genners
I need some help in trying to identify my late father (Chaim ROKMAN from
Piotrkow originally) as a worker in the Lodz Ghetto. I can't find anywhere
that states his name. I have evidence that he was married there and lived there.
He was a tailor.
Any info would be a great help
Dear Mary,

If you click on the following link and enter the name Chaim ROKMAN you will
find Chaim Lipe ROKMAN >from Piotrkow as a resident in the Lodz Ghetto with
the profession tailor (Schneider), if you click on the Lodz Ghetto button

Since there is no information about his deportation, it can be assumed
that he was alive until the the Ghetto was dissolved in August 1944.

If you click on the Dachau button, there is also an entry for a person of
this name as an arrival in Dachau on 17-Nov-1944 and his liberation in Kaufering.

Among the JewishGen Holocaust Files there is one with Ghetto Lodz Workers'
Cards, but the cards in this collection only contain newly issued cards
after January 1, 1943. Inmates who already had cards issued by Ghetto
enterprises just used the old ones that were not registered centrally.

For any information on the Lodz Ghetto, there is a special mailing list
with specialists for this topic:

Lodz Area Research Group <lodz@...>

Alternatively I can also assist you,

with kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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