INTRO - researching my mostly German family #germany

Gerald Stern <gerald@...>

Hello GerSig,

I just joined the group following my attendance at the IAJGS conference
in Cleveland, OH. As requested, here is my introductory email.

I have been doing genealogy research foraround 15 years.  Having taken
most of my ancestral lines back as far as archival records go, I
consider myself to be reasonably advanced in doing German Jewish
Genealogy research. However, there are always little gaps or bits of
family history I would like to add.

I live in England between Newcastle upon Tyne and greater London. My
father came to England in March 1939 thanks to the Kindertransport - his
immediate family were all murdered in KZ. My mother was born in
Amsterdam, grew up in Geneva, but her family were all German. My wife's
family are also all German refugees escaping before WW2.

My native language is English and I also know some French and a
smattering of German.

I am fairly adept with a computer and particularly in graphics.  I am
competent at using the internet and host a website with my genealogical

I have traced almost every ancestral line in my family back to the 1700s
and a few earlier.

I have a current goal to try and link my fifth great grandfather, Baruch
WEIL (born about 1744 place unknown - died 21/31 Jan 1846 in Altdorf
near Ettenheim (buried in the Schmieheim Cemetery) where he was the
Juedische Vohrsteher and Mohel - his father was Schmuel WEIL) to one of
the famous Weil/WEILL family descendant trees. Any help would be amazing!

My JGFF Researcher ID number is 326936.

I have entered several family names and ancestral towns in
the JGFF (JewishGen Family Finder). Some are shown below.
These are some of the very many families and towns I am researching:

[Moderator Note: The complete list is too long to include here.
It is very extensive. Write to Mr. Stern <gerald@...>
or check his website to see the entire list.]

ALTSCHUL (of Ingenheim), BARUCH (of Kroiterchine, Fracquemont/ Valkenburg),
BLUMENTHAL (of Weyer), CAHN (of Meudt, Langendernbach, Herborn, Montabaur
and other towns in the Westerwald area), COHN(of Deutsch Eylau),
FISCHER (of Bischofswerder, Deutsch Eylau), GOLDSCHMIDT (of Runkel),
GOMBERICH (of Weyer), GRUENBAUM (of Seelbach, Hahnstaetten)
HAAS (of Ingenheim), HECHT(of Holzhausen auf der Haide, Rennerod), FULD
(of Langendernbach, Brandoberndorf), HEILBERG (of Quirnbach), and
(of Meudt, Langendernbach, Herborn, Montabaur and other towns in the
Westerwald area),

Warmest regards, Gerald W Stern, Newcastle upon Tyne and Radlett, UK

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