Abbreviations used in Hamburg cemetery records #germany

Jeffrey Herrmann

In a file labelled "Hamburg birth and cemetery records" in
the Jacob Jacobson Collection at the Leo Baeck Institute there is a
transcription >from the (presumably) Yiddish records of the Wandsbek
Cemetery in Hamburg. The transcriber used various abbreviations but
provided no key to what they mean. I have set forth below, verbatim,
the entries that relate to my HERSCHEL/HERSCHL/HIRSCHEL ancestors.

r Meir b c Zwi Herschel

PvM Benjamin Wolf b c Zwi Herschl

Gitel asht PvM Benjamin Wolf b Zwi Herschl

bch Simchah b PvM r Wolf

PvM r' Meir b r PvM r' Wolf Hirshel

Michael b PvM r' Meir Herschel

Fromet asht PvM r' Meir Herschl

I would greatly appreciate any help in deciphering these abbreviations
used by the transcriber.

Jeffrey Herrmann

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