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Sue Martin

from my husband, who was on the faculty at Gallaudet: The old Lexington School
for the Deaf still exists but has moved to a new address; it is now in Jackson
Heights at 30th Ave and 75th St. I would assume that someone at the school could
tell where the old records are located; the phone there is 718-350-3270. Let me
know what happens because I have a close colleague who works there and could
suggest how to follow up if he gets no help >from a phone call, asking for someone
to help with back records.
Website is

stevecohen@... wrote:
Recently I found written evidence for a story my half-great-aunt told me back in
the 1970s: that she had a brother who attended a special school in New York
because he was a deaf-mute..."School for the Improved Instruction for Deaf Mutes",
between 67th and 68th Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, New York...Who
might have the old files and records >from this special school? How might I get
a copy of the files and records relating to my half-great-uncle? What sort
of information would said files contain?

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