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Stephen Cohen wrote:
Recently I found written evidence for a story my half-great-aunt told me back in
the 1970s: that she had a brother who attended a special school in New York
because he was a deaf-mute. I just discovered the 1910 US Federal Census page
from the "School for the Improved Instruction for Deaf Mutes", between 67th
and 68th Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, New York, and my half-great-
uncle George was listed as an "inmate," age 13, there. Family lore says he
died several years later of "sunstroke".
Better look for "Institution for ..."

... The Institution for the Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes (IIDM), created in
the 1860s and housed at 67th Street and Lexington Avenue, was technically
nonsectarian but had been established and run by Jews for some thirty years. As we
will see, however, for many families of and activists for deaf Jewish youth, this
school was not duly Jewish in emphasis....

NYT Published: August 24, 1870:

And a murder 11 Feb 1896:

And the fire of Jan 1911:
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