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Jeanne Gold <family@...>

I have a relative that departed Trieste in 1904 for New York. Is anyone aware
of records of departures >from Trieste during that period of time?
To begin with, I am not aware of any records you can search for departures from
Trieste and a search of the FHL catalog did not turn up anything which seemed to be
what you are seeking.

A search on just Italy yielded a few records listed under Emigration and
Immigration, but I have no way of knowing quite what you are
seeking. You may want to try the search yourself:;filtered=true&collectionId=&fed=false&page=1&catSearchType=place&searchCriteria=&placeName=Italy&author_givenName=&author_surname=&uri=http%3A//catalog-search-api%3A8080/www-catalogapi-webservice/search%3Fquery%3Dsubject_id%3A544898%26count%3D50&subjectId=544898

If you are looking for a passenger records, you may want to search the landing
port, in this case New York, and try Ellis Island Gold Form.

As to specific ship information, I looked in my Morton Allan directory for 1904.
I find no specific listings for the entire year departing >from Trieste. Possibly
Trieste was a port en route?

I did find 6 "Additional Arrivals" for departures for the Mediterranean
and arriving in New York:
Mar 27, Regina Elena
Mar 28, Attivita
Apr 11, Balila
Apr 24, Equita
May 8, Regina Elena
May 14, San Gottardo

Hope this is of some help.

Jeanne Gold
Albany, OR

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