JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Why two different manifests for same people, ship? #general

A. E. Jordan

bethdowning@... writes:
Finally and perhaps most importantly, in Manifest #2, a line has been
drawn through my family members' names and information.

When people are crossed out it usually means they missed the ship. No
idea why there are two lists. I would check them carefully to see if
they are the same ship, sailing date, year. etc.

If everything is in fact the same no idea why they made two lists other
than some fort of a clerical error or ones for different ports of departure
or arrival.

Usually find the first list with the names crossed off and then you find
the people sailing days or weeks later on a second ship. In those cases
their papers were no in order, someone was sick and needed to recover or the
ship line simply held them back for some reason. Remember the ship line was
responsible to return a person to their port of embarkation at the shipping
line's cost if the USA refused them. So the shipping lines wanted to make
sure everyone who came aboard would get off at the other end and be

Allan Jordan

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