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1930 US Census Conundrum
Hello, Genners -
Hoping one of you can answer this question:
Shouldn't one be able to ascertain the exact enumeration district (ED) for
a specific address in the 1930 US Census?Why can't I find the exact ED for
that address?
Thank you for any suggestions!
Danielle Weiner

I sent a direct reply with also, but as a general reply to the group -
when you have a "why can't I find question" - try just a general search
of the internet based on what you need/know etc.

In this case I just did a quick search by "1930 City Directory, St. Louis,
MO" to see if a specific city address could be viewed, and one link I was
able to send Danielle went directly to the street listings >from the City
Directory with their Enumeration Districts:

It often is just that simple.

Carolyn Rutherford
Batavia, Ohio
formerly of Milwaukee, WI USA
@CMR_Gen on Twitter

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