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Beth Galleto

My family name BOLKER apparently originated in Poland in the area of
Przasnysz. The earliest mention of this name seems to be in registrations
of births and marriages >from 1832 to 1866, in which the name is spelled
BOLKJER or BOLKIER. The oldest records describe the family as being >from
Makow. Makow Mazowiecki is 15 miles southeast of Przasnysz. The LDS has
microfilmed birth records >from Makow >from 1808 to 1811, and I just finished
looking at all the births indicated as Jewish in these records. While these
records have some surnames, most of them identify people with patronymics.
I didn't find any births that I could definitely identify as being >from
my family, but I noticed that a small number of births came >from a
community called Budzyno-Bolki, which can be found by looking at the
JewishGen Localities map of Makow at a particular magnification. It is a
little over a mile north of Makow. Is it reasonable to assume that Bolker
means ">from Bolki" in the same way that the name Lubliner would mean
">from Lublin" or Krakower would mean ">from Krakow"? Records >from later than
1866 spell the name BOLKER. I haven't found this name in the Beider books.

Beth Galleto
Greenbrae, CA

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