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Amy Schiwitz <amyschiwitz@...>

Hello GerSig,

I've posted some documents for which I would like translation and/or
transcription. Both documents are >from the Institut f=C3=BCr
Stadtgeschichte in Frankfurt. This will probably take someone who not
only speaks German, but is skilled in reading 19th-century

The first few pages are >from the file "Bergen-Enkheim No. 2505." The
archivist shared it with me when I inquired about my ancestor Raphael
Hess II, but I have no idea what the document's original purpose is.
Of course a full translation would be nice, but any clues or even a
gist of the contents would be helpful:

The second set of pages are >from the file "Bergen-Enkheim No. 2388."
The name of the file is Revision und Best=C3=A4tigung des Inventars =C3=BCb=
den Nachlass der Sarchen He=C3=9F wegen der Wiederverehelichung ihres
Ehemannes Raphael He=C3=9F II, Laufzeit: 1860 =E2=80=93 1861 [Revision and
confirmation of the inventory of the estate of Sarchen Hess because of
the remarriage of her husband Raphael Hess II, duration: 1860 - 1861]

Raphael Hess II and Sarchen (Neuhof) Hess were my 4th
great-grandparents. There are many pages in this document but I have
chosen to ask for help with these because it appears to list their
children and mention other individuals with the surname Neuhof.

Many thanks! Amy Schiwitz, Birmingham, Alabama

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