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David Nathan <d.nathan1@...>

Hi Shelda,

As far as I am aware the UK did not keep records of immigrants in the early 20th
or late 19th century. I have, myself, tried to find such records for London
arrivals, checking places such as HM Customs & Excise, the Port of London
Authority, the British Archives, etc but none seem to have any such records.
However, with places such as Hull and Glasgow, you might have better luck.

Happy hunting

David Nathan, London UK

From: "Stanley and Shelda Sandler" <>

I am trying to learn the path my grandparents may have taken on their
journey >from Russia to Scotland in 1903. According to family legend, they
fled >from Russia hidden in a hay wagon immediately following their
marriage. For the next ten years, they lived in Scotland;

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